Sporty Slide - Pink (21B281-PK)

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Recommended Age: 2 years

Turn your child's world into a laughter-filled playground of creativity! Our slides for kids isn't just a plaything; it's a safe adventure with a sturdy build and strong support. 

The handrail is designed to be easily gripped by little hands, ensuring their safety as they climb. The non-slip pedal is at a reasonable height, and the spacious waiting area offers a secure climbing experience. 

This baby indoor slide includes 1*extra-long slide, 1*basketball hoop, 1*playing ball. Your kids will be climbing and sliding, develops their gross motor skills, while improve physical health and burning off excess energy.

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The Sporty Slide - Pink (21B281-PK) is a thrilling ride for budding athletes, designed to provide hours of fun and excitement for children of all ages. This sturdy and colorful slide boasts a vibrant pink color that adds a touch of energy and fun to any backyard space. With its smooth and fast slide, climbing ladder, and basketball hoop, this slide is sure to become the centerpiece of your child's outdoor playtime.


  • Smooth and Fast Slide: The Sporty Slide - Pink (21B281-PK) features a smooth and fast slide that provides a thrilling ride for children. The slide's gentle slope and wide platform ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages.
  • Climbing Ladder: The slide includes a sturdy and easy-to-climb ladder with wide steps and textured handrails, providing children with a safe and secure way to reach the top of the slide.
  • Basketball Hoop: The slide features a basketball hoop that adds an element of fun and competition to playtime. Children can practice their shooting skills and challenge their friends to a game of hoops.
  • Durable and Safe Construction: The Sporty Slide - Pink (21B281-PK) is constructed from high-quality materials that are built to last. The slide is made from durable plastic that is weather-resistant and UV-protected. The slide meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards, ensuring that your children can play safely and without worry.
  • Vibrant Pink Color: The Sporty Slide - Pink (21B281-PK) features a vibrant pink color that is sure to capture your child's attention. The cheerful color adds a touch of energy and fun to any backyard space.


  • Provides Hours of Outdoor Fun: The Sporty Slide - Pink (21B281-PK) provides children with hours of outdoor fun and exercise. The slide, climbing ladder, and basketball hoop encourage children to be active and engaged in imaginative play.
  • Develops Physical Skills: The slide helps children develop a variety of physical skills, including coordination, balance, strength, and agility. The climbing ladder and basketball hoop challenge children to move their bodies in different ways, improving their overall physical development.
  • Enhances Social Skills: The slide encourages social interaction between children. They can take turns sliding, climbing, and playing basketball together, developing their communication and social skills.
  • Promotes Imaginative Play: The slide provides children with endless opportunities for imaginative play. They can pretend to be race car drivers speeding down a track, astronauts exploring space, or superheroes saving the day. The slide's various features spark creativity and encourage children to use their imaginations.
  • Creates Lasting Memories: The Sporty Slide - Pink (21B281-PK) is sure to create lasting memories for your children. They will cherish the countless hours of fun and laughter they experience on their slide, and the memories will stay with them for years to come.


The Sporty Slide - Pink (21B281-PK) is an excellent investment in your child's health, happiness, and development. This sturdy and feature-packed slide provides hours of outdoor fun and exercise, encourages physical and social development, and sparks creativity and imagination. The vibrant pink color adds a touch of energy and fun to any backyard space, making it the perfect place for your children to create lasting memories.

Additional Information:

  • The Sporty Slide - Pink (21B281-PK) is suitable for children aged 2-6 years old.
  • The slide measures 6 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet tall.
  • The slide comes with all necessary hardware and easy-to-follow assembly instructions.
  • The slide is backed by a one-year warranty.

We are confident that the Sporty Slide - Pink (21B281-PK) will provide your child with countless hours of fun and lasting memories.

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