Snackles - Luna (Hang Tag)

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Recommended Age: 3 years

Snackles is the super soft ultra squeezable plush that comes paired with your favorite mini brands!

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Get ready to meet Luna, the sweetest Snackle in the galaxy! This adorable hang tag brings the playful and energetic Luna to life, adding a touch of cosmic charm to your Snackles collection.

Luna is a playful and energetic Snackle with a big heart and an even bigger appetite for adventure! She loves exploring new worlds and making new friends. Her vibrant personality and infectious smile are sure to brighten your day.

The Toys4Joy Snackles - Luna (Hang Tag) features:

  • Adorable Design: This hang tag showcases Luna's charming smile and sparkling eyes, capturing her playful spirit and bringing her to life.
  • Fun Fact: Discover a fun fact about Luna on the back of the tag, adding a touch of whimsy and expanding your knowledge of the Snackle universe.
  • Durable Material: Made with high-quality materials, this hang tag is designed to last, ensuring Luna can join you on all your Snackle adventures.

The Toys4Joy Snackles - Luna (Hang Tag) is perfect for:

  • Snackles collectors: Add Luna to your growing Snackles collection and expand your galactic family.
  • Fans of adorable characters: Luna's charming personality and playful spirit are sure to win over fans of all ages.
  • Decorative accents: Hang Luna on your backpack, purse, or anywhere else you need a touch of cosmic charm.

Bring home Luna, your new galactic BFF, and let the Snackle adventures begin!