Monopoly Secret Vault

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Recommended Age: 8 years

Mr. Monopoly gives players chances to take riches from his vault — if they can guess the code to unlock it

Players buy properties and collect rent, but in this edition players try to guess the codes to open the vault as many times as possible

Inside the vault, find money, hotels, and cardboard keys that allow players to unlock properties

Features tokens including Scottie, Top Hat, T-Rex, Hazel. Racecar, and Rubber Ducky — all designed to look like they’re ready to break into the vault

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Elevate your Monopoly game to a whole new level of intrigue and excitement with the Toys4Joy Monopoly Secret Vault! This exclusive vault adds a layer of mystery and strategic gameplay, making every property deal even more thrilling.

The Monopoly Secret Vault features:

  • Secure Storage: Keep your hard-earned Monopoly money safe and sound within the vault's secure compartment.
  • Secret Combination Lock: Add an extra layer of challenge and suspense with the secret combination lock. Players must crack the code to access their riches!
  • Stylish Design: The vault features a classic Monopoly design, seamlessly blending with the game's aesthetic.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: The vault adds a new dimension to the game, encouraging players to strategize and protect their wealth.

The Monopoly Secret Vault is perfect for:

  • Serious Monopoly players: Add a touch of realism and strategic depth to your Monopoly games.
  • Family game night: Create a fun and engaging experience for the whole family with the added element of the secret vault.
  • Gift for Monopoly enthusiasts: Give the gift of enhanced gameplay and a touch of Monopoly magic with the Secret Vault.