Geomag - Mechanics Motion Recycled 2Magnetic Gears ( 96 pcs )

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Recommended Age: 8 years

Beyond the joy of play, Geomag sets also provide valuable learning opportunities for individuals of all ages. For younger children, Magicube and Geomag sets help develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination as they manipulate the building blocks and magnetic rods and spheres to build structures. Meanwhile, older children and adults can delve into more complex concepts such as geometry, engineering, and magnetism, turning each building session into a fun and educational experience. With Geomag brands, learning becomes a collaborative adventure, with family members of different ages sharing knowledge and insights as they explore the world of magnetic creations together.

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Toys4Joy Geomag Mechanics Motion Set

Kids can design functional machines using sustainable magnetic gear components.

Key Materials

  • 96 eco-plastic gear and connector pieces
  • Magnetic elements build machines in motion

Design Challenges

  • Create rolling, swinging and revolving mechanisms
  • Invent cranes, pulleys and more working systems
  • Share creations on social media for inspiration


  • Gears spin and lock together seamlessly
  • Durable connectors withstand active play

Mechanical Engineering

  • Inspires understanding of gears and movements
  • Builds critical thinking through trial and error

Renewable Resources

  • Components made from recycled plastics
  • Educates on eco-friendly alternatives

Open Exploration

  • Sparks mechanical imagination
  • Fosters collaboration through complex builds

"The magnetic gears engaged our son for hours. He learned so much about mechanisms from his inventions."

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