Bitzee - Interactive Digital Pet

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Recommended Age: 5 years

Bitzee goes beyond the 2D screen; it’s the virtual pet you can really touch and feel in our 3D world! Each Bitzee toy pet reacts to your swipes, tilts, and touch!

Includes: 1 Bitzee, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 Instruction Sheet, 3 AA Batteries

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Meet Bitzee, your new best friend! This adorable interactive digital pet brings the joy of pet ownership to life, offering a unique and engaging experience for kids of all ages.

Bitzee features:

  • Interactive Gameplay: Bitzee responds to your touch and voice, creating a truly interactive and engaging experience.
  • Multiple Activities: Play games, feed Bitzee, care for its needs, and watch it grow and evolve as you interact with it.
  • Personalized Experience: Customize Bitzee's appearance, name, and personality to create a truly unique digital pet.
  • Educational Fun: Bitzee encourages responsibility and empathy, teaching kids about caring for a pet and fostering a love for animals.

Bitzee is perfect for:

  • Kids who love pets: Bitzee offers a safe and engaging alternative to real pets, providing the joy of pet ownership without the responsibility.
  • Educational play: Bitzee combines fun and learning, encouraging responsibility and empathy in a playful way.
  • Travel companions: Bitzee is the perfect travel companion, providing entertainment and companionship wherever you go.

Bring home Bitzee, your new interactive digital pet, and embark on a journey of friendship and adventure!